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About Us

WSE Entertainment which comes under a segment of WSE Group, interests in Hospitality and Entertainment sector. We began our journey as a developer and owner of a full-service restaurant, pub club and progressed towards setting up online and offline games arcade and entertainment zones. We are a consumer focused enterprise, which believes in providing rich consumer experience across all products and services offered by the company.

Our Values

  • We rely on Consumer-first approach for our entire business undertaking.
  • We follow global best practices, to provide a holistic experience across all products and services
  • We are in a people’s business, and hence our own people are equally important to us who drive our vision to reality – they all are empowered and accountable respectively.
  • Our technology is and will always remain a significant enabler for all business undertaken, of the company.
  • Overall the WSE Group’s foundation is built on mutual trust, clear communication and inclusive growth.

Our Activities